Woman Pretends To Faint After Tearing Commissioner’s Shirt In Delta

Woman Pretends To Faint After Tearing Commissioner’s Shirt In DeltaThere was commotion in the Sapele area of Delta state after a woman attacked Commissioner Jonathan Amitaye for trying to pass her in front of her shop with his vehicle.

It was reported that the woman identified as Odemi popularly known as ‘Money stop nonsense’ allegedly told the commissioner not to pass in front her store which happened to be by the roadside when he tried to drive by in his car.

Commissioner Jonathan Amitaye reportedly told her to move her big counter so that cars can pass freely along the busy road.

But rather than heed to the advice, Odemi said she won’t move an inch as she and her younger sister allegedly grabbed the commissioner and tore his shirt in the scuffle.

Sources say the crowd told the woman that the person she was dragging with is a commissioner, the woman allegedly pretended to have collapsed as she was rushed to the hospital.

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The commissioner’s boys was said to have later stormed the area but the ‘money stop nonsense’ woman had already been taken to the hospital.

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