“Why I Will Never Forget Year 2017”- Rising Actress, Motunrayo Balogun Reveals

Yoruba actress, Motunrayo Balogun is one of the happening babes currently rocking Nollywood, particularly the Yoruba movie sector. The fresh graduate of the Lagos State University {LASU} recently won her first award from City People Magazine as the Revelation Actress of the year. Sharing her experiences in 2017 with Yorubamoviegist.com, the chocolate skin actress revealed that the year has been delightful to her, among other interesting issues you need to know about her. Enjoy the excerpts:

2017 will come to an end soon, what do you have to say about the year?

The year has been good to me; all thanks to God almighty. I have so many things to be thankful for, I have grown in my career and that alone is worth to be celebrated.

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What are those things?

Firstly, I am alive, hale and healthy. Career wise; I just produced a new project and I won my debut award in the same year. Glory be to God Almighty, I am not where I was last year. I am moving forward day by day.

Which award and how did you feel when you got it?

It wasn’t just any how award but the City People Entertainment Award. I bagged the revelation actress of the year. It was a nice experience because I never thought I will win it until my name was announced on the stage as the winner. It was a good career defining moment and I felt grateful. This alone really encouraged me to do more. My fans should just watch out for me in 2018.

Tell us about your new movie?

It’s titled Oro Asiri. It’s about sexual harassments. I know everyone will appreciate it when it comes out. I wouldn’t want to blow my trumpet yet about the film, just watch out.

What are your challenges in 2017?

2017 Has been good to me like I said earlier, I have no regrets. I have a lot of things to offer in 2018 and I hope my fans will accept them. They are fantastic flicks.

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