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Why I should drink water

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A question most people ask themselves after visiting the doctor and he prescribes some drugs to them and add a statement ‘always drink enough water’. A cup of water in the morning before any meal can help in hydrating the body. It can aid digestion and metabolism. Drinking water can be either cold or warm what matters is staying hydrated so the body can work properly. The average amount of water in an adult is 60% and taking in water at each dawn of the day helps in regulating the body. In other to make your metabolism more effective, at least a glass of water will help.

One amazing fact about taking water first thing in the morning is that it can help in flushing away bacteria causing problem in the body. The intake of water helps the skin to glow and makes it healthy preventing wrinkles at early stage. It helps in regulating body temperature by cooling the body after sweating. Water flushes away concentrated urine and faeces. It averts the risk of having kidney damage. Most problems that people suffer in their body system if much water is being taken, it wouldn’t have come up at the first place that is to say how essential it is to take water constantly.

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