The unplanned event: What lusting led to after the party

You think life will be this sweet during the holiday you will be bored at home without me I make things fun you know, I was making fun at blessing a very close friend of mine.it was time for the holidays I had finished packing and came towards her hostel to spend some time with her I was surely going to miss her alot I didn’t have a girlfriend so I was always in the gathering of females but I took a particular liking to blessing she knows how to make me smile.

I got to lagos very late the next day only to find out only mum was around and would also be travelling in the morning what an holiday this would be I said to myself.

When I woke up mum was gone already.i saw about #50000 she left on the dining for me atleast it made me smile I started to make plans on how to pass the weekend before everyone comes back on monday my friends didn’t know I was back yet so I picked up the phone and called emma,“Boy how far”,“Alex my man are you back”,“Yes boss how things na”,

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We talked for another 20 mins he told me of a party they had planned for the whole weekend on ling island.so I wouldn’t be spending the weekend at home after all.i ran upstairs grabbed a school bag and put some beach cloths my phone and tablet in it.i was set for the whole weekend.

I took a cab that dropped me at the destination,it was located somewhere on the island suburb of lagos.the party had begun,I could see lots of hot girls on bikini,the place was so full.i found a spot after texting emma I was around I took of my shirt and began browsing on my tablet,tho I took some pics of the naked ladies around,I was reading a post on facebook when I felt someone touch my shoulder,Iwanted to be through with what I was reading but the person started to open my bag,I quickly turned,I couldn’t believe who it was.shejust continued searching my bag for what I don’t know.

She took out my phone and played her favourite song.i had never see blessing on bumshot and here she was so comfortable on a piece of rope bra and pants they called bikini,she saw the questions on my face and laughed

“what are you staring at,you won’t say anything?”,

“how on earth did you get here blessing”,

It happens she had decided to spend the weekend at her aunts place in lagos and my number hasn’t been reachable yet.i couldn’t get my eyes of her body,she was hot and spotless,now I could see those breast I had spent nights thinking of,I was going to cut this party short and take her home.

Some girls had started to take of their top,this was going to be a crazy party ,it was getting late and I was yet to tell blessing she would follow me home,she had seen the bulge through my shorts while she laid on my body,

“would you like to know my house?”,

“would you take me there?”,

Not the kind of response I expected but it was all I needed to hear,I helped her up and went to get her stuffs.we packed up and headed home.

She paused at the door of the sittingroom,I laughed and told her I had the weekend to spend alone,she felt at ease.i was coming out from the room where I had gone to drop our bags,blessing had taken off her top once more and was on that rope bra with her breast ondisplay,this stuff only hid her nipples,my d*ck started to rise to its full length as I stared from far,she didn’t know I was around as she had an headset to her ears,I began massaging my d*ck,she kept playing with her breast not knowing I was enjoying the show,I took out my d*ck and began to masturbate.i stopped the action and moved towards her from behind,I didn’t know what had gotten into me,I grab her boobs from behind and played with the nipples,she just smiled and moaned,she had nice nipples.i kissed her as my hands went below her navel and into her skirt,she was shaved,I played with her clit and she moaned louder.

This was where the main party was here.

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