‘Most Nigerian men invite their sidechics to their wedding, now a norm’ – Filmmaker Ayo Shonaiya

Nigerian filmmaker, Ayo Shonaiya, took to Twitter to reveal some 21st century happenings that is now a norm with Nigerian men.

According to Ayo Shonaiya, most Nigerian men now invite their sidechics to their wedding and he went head to cite an example of a scenario at a wedding he went to.

His tweets read;

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Most Nigerian men invite their sidechicks to their wedding na. And vice versa the real loves of the Bride too. Why are we all getting excited about normal stuff in this day and age?

I’ve been invited to a wedding by the sidechick of the groom before. And I went. She even had like 2 tables for her own guests. I know the groom too. He was just marrying the girl that “fits”. Everybody is okay.

I also know of a wedding where the sugar daddy of the Bride paid for the Band at the reception. He also had a table. In fact, the band were praising him codedly while the new Couple danced. Everybody was happy.

So, please, this is the age we live in now. In this Lagos, weddings are for all. Bride, Groom, sidechicks, sugar daddies, friends that know the whole jigsaw puzzle, parents that are none the wiser, as long as the Aso oke is on point… Everybody is happy

Recall that we reported few weeks ago that there was utter shock mixed with amusement in Namatala Mbale, Uganda after an unfaithful man got stuck with his sidechic while having sex at Triple Zero Guesthouse.

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