Collaborating with young ones makes old artistes relevant – Fuji Singer, Ayuba

Fuji singer, Adewale Ayuba, has stressed the need for veterans in the music industry to work more with the younger ones.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, he said collaborating with younger artistes was a way for old artistes to keep themselves relevant in the industry. He stated, “Of course, I wish to work more with younger artistes because it brings an old artiste up there. But inasmuch as I am open to collaborations, I like to do things in a serious way.”

He, however, insisted that the government was yet to do enough for the growth of fuji music in Nigeria. The Bonsue singer said, “If I say I am satisfied with the growth of fuji music, I would be lying. The government should be showcasing all fuji artistes, at least once a year. Nothing stops them from creating a platform to showcase our music and culture annually during the Independence Day celebration. Foreigners should be invited to see the richness of our music.”

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