Checkout The Top 10 most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram (Olamide misses out)

6. Don Jazzy (5.3 million)
Trying to define how talented this music mogul is can’t be overemphasized as he comes with the total package. Don Jazzy’s Instagram page isn’t the regular social media page as he is open to posting just anything that comes to his mind. Just in case you are wondering how he was able to gain over 5.3 million followers, wonder no more as he not just one of the biggest music producer in the country but a very hilarious celebrity.
Thinking of having a good laugh, then click on the follower button on Don Jazzy’s Instagram page and be sure to find something entertaining. Ladies love a guy who can make them laugh hence we think they take the front seat as the largest percentage of those following him. Just like Davido, Don Jazzy is one benevolent celebrity and you might just be on his page one of the days he decides to spoil his fans.
7. AY comedian (5.2 million)
The seventh most followed Nigerian celebrity on Instagram is AY Makun. This makes AY the most followed Nigerian comedian followed by Basketmouth (4.1 million). For obvious reasons, AY makes this list because he is a veteran in the comedy business which has endeared a lot of fans. A close look at his Instagram and you’d get to know that he is not just a comedian but a family guy.
AY is never shy to show off his family, especially his beautiful wife on his Instagram page. A promoter of good skits, you are sure to find really funny skits on his page, probably a way to promoting other comedians when they have their shows and concerts coming up. If you are a close friend of AY, be sure to get a birthday post on his Instagram page on your special day…he is cool like that!
8. Peter Okoye (5.1 million)
Just in case you don’t know who Peter Okoye is, he is the other half of the greatly missed music group ‘PSquare.’ Peter Okoye has been known to be the stylish one of the PSquare group and his Instagram page doesn’t say otherwise. Peter’s 5.1 million followers cut across different parts of the world and one we know they love to see is his extravagant lifestyle.
Peter’s Instagram page gives you an overview of what a success story is all about. From his beautiful wife and kids to his mansion and yet to be rivaled exotic cars, he is worthy of all the fans that probably pray to be like him. Another similar feature on the music star’s page is that fact that we get to see how he tours around the world and create those amazing music we hear on the airwaves.
9. Genevive Nnaji (4.7 million)
Interestingly the famous Genevieve Nnaji makes the ninth position with 4.7 million followers on this list but she sure is one of the most followed celebrities in Nigeria. At the initial stage, Genevieve Nnaji wasn’t really big on the whole social media thing but whenever she decided to post a photo it got a lot of buzz.
Let’s break it down for you guys, Genevieve Nnaji is that type of celebrity who can post a photo of herself just waking up and it would get 50 thousand likes in 1 hour. A typical instance was the time she shared a video of herself dancing to the then trending dance move ‘Shaku Shaku,’ it not only broke the Internet but in less than an hour after it’s release, it had over 100k views.
10. Tekno (4.6 million) 
If you call Tekno’s 4.6 million followers on Instagram loyal foot soldiers, then it isn’t far from the truth. These guys have watched Tekno grow from the early days as a rising star to that singer who is now well known for making back to back hits. One thing you will notice on Tekno’s page is his style which can be related to music stars from the western world.
From his jackets, hairstyle and even the kind of cars he drives, Tekno can be mistaken for Chris Brown’s record label mate. Another interesting thing about the singer is that fact that he gets to share videos of his studio sections on his Instagram page with fans. Sometimes we get to see photos of his love interest, Lola Rae and their adorable baby.
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