Checkout The Top 10 most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram (Olamide misses out)

Some Nigerian celebrities are so huge that they have really large fan-base on Instagram. These is a list of the biggest of them all.

One of the biggest social media platforms where celebrities all over the world have been able to use to interact with their fans is Instagram.
Love it or hate it, Instagram has become the platform where celebrities show off to the world what they are up to personally and career-wise. For our Nigerian celebrities, it’s been a bittersweet story on the social media app as they get as much love and an equal amount of shading, dragging and calling out which sometimes gets really messy.
Despite the shortcomings, these celebrities have continued to amass huge numbers of followers. The numbers keep increasing depending on the influential strength of the celeb. So guys, as at the time of publication, these are the ten most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram.
1. Davido (9 million)
It is no surprise that Davido leads the pack on this list for obvious reason which includes the fact that he is one very ardent user of the app. We might be right when we say if Davido isn’t making music, he is probably on Instagram sharing with fans his day to day activities. If you want to find out if the music star is in a neighbourhood close you, just check his Instagram stories and alas you’d know.
We all know Davido likes to show off his wealthy lifestyle and that’s the reason over 9 million people are stuck with him. One thing you can’t take out of context is the fact that, when Davido is in a good mood, Instagram gets a huge dose of it as he goes on a giving out spree and you just might be lucky and get that cash for that wristwatch or a car (Yes he that benevolent!).
2. Wizkid (7 million)
The Wizkid nation will for sure, after seeing the position of their general might want to recruit more fans so they can top this list when next it is released. However, Wizkid’s 7 million fans are what we can call die-hard fans. So you know, a negative comment on Wizkid’s post might make you change your name, location and maybe disable your Instagram page.
Wizkid isn’t one of those celebrities who share photos on social media every day, but when he gets in the mood, there is no holding back. His photos are different, spontaneous and very interesting on Instagram. Unlike a number of celebrities, Wizkid keeps his Instagram page strictly for the business of music and we think his fans are okay with that.
3. Tiwa Savage (6.5 million)
Let’s be sincere, 6.5 million people on Instagram didn’t just decide to follow Tiwa Savage because she is pretty (She is drop-dead gorgeous) but it majorly had to do with her influence and hard work in the entertainment industry. Tiwa Savage since her break into the music industry has grown from strength to strength which has won her more fans and followers.
One thing we are so sure makes these millions of people follow the music star must have to do with her fashion style. A close look at her page you’d find out that she sure spends a lot of time and money to look amazing. If you didn’t know Tiwa Savage and bumped into her page, you’d probably think she’s a fashion icon. Hmmm…maybe a huge chunk of her followers are women…just maybe.
4. Funke Akindele (6.3 million)
Surprised? Well, don’t be, because Funke Akindele is one of the funniest women in Nigeria and who doesn’t want to take out time out of their busy and stressful schedules for a good laugh. Funke Akindele’s fans are probably an out pour of the ones who can’t get enough of her acting prowess on TV.
Since she turned her hit movie ‘Jenifa’ into a series, this beautiful actress and mother of two have continued to win more fans over. Just in case you want to have a good laugh, you can always drop by her Instagram page and watch a new skit from any of her movies.
5. Yemi Alade (5.5 million)
She isn’t controversial but still has over 5 million fans watching her every move on Instagram which simply means Yemi Alade has a lot of genuine fans. Yemi Alade has remained one of the most relevant celebrities in the entertainment industry since hitting stardom. Another reason we think this sexy music star has a lot of followers on Instagram must be the fact that she has a unique fashion style.
Yemi doesn’t post photos on Instagram for the sakes of it as an average photo of the voluptuous singer gets over a 100k likes and same goes for her videos. Her photos are usually interesting and very ‘African.’ Yemi Alade is your typical celebrity who crosses the Ts and dots the Is before posting a photo on Instagram (Perfectionist).

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