Aww..Denrele Edun writes something so sweet about me + What I think about being kind to others

Aww..Denrele Edun writes something so sweet about me + What I think about being kind to others

Sharing this photo of us back in UNILAG about 15 years ago (we were BFFs in school, and still great friends till today), Denrele Edun recalled the times I was kind to him. He wrote;

“#FlashbackFriday to 2nd Semester Exams with @officiallindaikeji in Unilag where we had just cremated an English Major course. This was in 2002.

But the real reason I’m posting this picture (Linda actually wanted it in Sepia mode even though I wanted it in colour) is to hail my Day1! LINDA IKEJI is still one of the most exquisitely amazing women I have had the utmost blessing of knowing! Just after class and exams, Linda wil grab my Higher Education note and slip money in the middle; She always knew when I was stuck (which was everyday, anyways) and if I couldn’t afford Campus shuttle from Education Dept to Main Campus, she will walk the entire length with me…In neck breaking stilettos!

Before we took this picture, someone made a joke about my fake TShirt right in front of the Arts Faculty. Saying i was always wearing fake sh*t and stuff…And I should get a life. Linda looked the person up and down, flipped her long braids over her shoulder and told me to be grateful for the gift of LIFE!

Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.

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And here’s what I want to say about being kind to other people. I learnt very early in life that one of the easiest ways to get blessings and continue to get favour from God is to be kind and helpful to others. Remember, God said whatever you do for others, you do for me.

I don’t know what spirit led me but I started as a teenager to give to others. It didn’t matter how little I had, I was always happy to share, to give, to bless someone else and I don’t mean just family members, it included friends, acquintances and strangers. And the great thing about giving is that people always remember. When you do something so kind for someone, it occupies the biggest part of their hearts and their gratitude turn to prayers and these prayers send goodness that just continues to follow you.

I gave back then because I derived joy from putting smiles on people’s faces and I also knew it was what God would want us to do. I give now for the above reasons but also because I know what it is not to have.

I’d recommend from now on for you to be kinder to others and help as many people as you can because it’s only by giving that you are able to receive more than you already have. To be honest, I think it’s one of the secrets to my success. God just never departs from a giver.

But in saying that, you also have to differentiate people who need genuine help and people who are just leeches, greedy and want to take advantage of your kindness. Those ones you can ignore.

Lastly, giving doesn’t necessarily only mean money or other material things. Giving could also be your time, kind words, a listening ear, sharing love…and so on! It’s to give of yourself!

So be kinder in 2018 and remember, we rise by lifting others!



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