7 Beautiful Hijab Tips For Muslim Fashionistas (Photos)

Covering up is a part of the Muslim women, while its a choice to choose how you do this  one thing you mustn’t forget is to do it stylishly.

Are you tired of your current hijab style? Has your style been tagged as boring and bland? If the answers to these question is “Yes” then you are on the right post and we would share with you a few tips on how to switch things up.

“In this part of the world every single season is a great time to accessorize your outfit, accessorizing helps to change up your look and add more spark to it”.

“Minimalist fashion is excited because you get to be as creative as possible while you are still covered up and you also get to play with a lot of colours so try to identify the colour scheme you always go for and then try something different”.

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“The pattern rule that stops you from wearing dual patterns is long gone, you can pair several patterns creatively, this would surely add a boost to your look”.

“Sometimes its good to switch things up a bit, if you are known to wear solid with patterns than you should try wearing solid with solid that way you would definitely look different”.

The ideas on how to rock as a Muslim girl are endless, here are some fabulous Hijab styles you should be inspired by.


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