5 things you must do to impress and keep your girl

My dear brother, normally, relationship is an agreement between two parties sharing the same goal. But as of now it is a deal a party(male) has
agreed to spend, cater for all the needs of the other party( female).

If you think dating a ” slay mama” is easy without cash in your pocket, my dear, approach one and tell her you are in search for a relationship Based on future goals, tell her your future is bright, I can guarantee you a reply that will shock you, believe me, they live for the present and not
for the future.( not all girls are after money though, they just need to be properly treated)

Perhaps you are the lucky type, she’s giving you a trial, or you currently occupy the heart of a Slay queen, and you are not financially buoyant, what
do you do to keep hold of her?

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Here are some tips on how to keep your relationship without spending much more.

1. Try to get in touch with her at least three times a day

During my research, I found out that girls value time a lot, they tend to share things with a guy that stays close to them, that’s one of the reason a girl will have her boyfriend and still have a best friend( which will happen to be a guy) don’t be surprised when you find out she seeks advice from the best friend over her guy.

Try to create time for her, make her understand you value being with her, and if you are the long distance relationship type or you just cannot go to her for some reasonable reasons then you should at least, I repeat at least call her three times daily, don’t expect it to be 45seconds call, (you can subscribe to a cheaper call – rate tariff on your preferred network) talk to her at length, send her text messages, you don’t need to count the amount of times you’ll be doing this. You can try this for two to three weeks consecutively and you will find out it will become part of her.

2. Take her out at least twice a month

Don’t feel disturbed or perturbed, not all guys that takes their girl on a date spend a lot, if you can afford to get her some gifts, it’s okay, if you can’t, make her understand, take her to a beautiful and pleasant eatery, get her a drink and maybe something eatable, get for yourself as well, during that period you suggest an interesting topic you guys can discuss about, or there might be some things you have got in mind to discuss with her, you capitalise on the opportunity, talk to her at length, discuss about your relationship with her, you outline your goals and plans to her, try to make her enjoy the gist and the outing as a whole.

Since you won’t be doing it every time, take pictures with her, she will never forget the event.
You can at least do it twice a month.

3. Respect her

This is the key to her heart. Some girls can be very difficult to deal with, it takes extra ordinary patience to understand them, they can be caring as well annoying, they can be so jealous and demand explanation on every thing you do, on every step you take. It is not that she don’t trust you, she just want to be sure about everything she sees or hear about you, all you have to do is to RESPECT her. Never in your life should you say anything negative about her in the midst of your friends, cherish her, don’t correct her publicly, instead call her privately and explain to her politely what you perceive to be her weakness, never play on her intelligence, never should you attempt to cheat on her, make sure your friends value her, never neglect or ignore her even when you are angry, weak or when you have nothing to say, seek advice from her, share your story with her, tell her how beautiful she is, introduce her as your partner to your friends (especially your female friends) celebrate her on her birthday and on your social media accounts,

4. Be Romantic

To some guys being romantic is natural, they posses it, they can make a girl go crazy over them and to some, it is hmmmmm, ooaah,… a mountain to climb, a very difficult task, don’t worry, I will teach you how to do be romantic.
My guy, you have to be sharp, you have to learn how to make you of the so called “bedroom voice”. Whenever you are together, always be sure there is body contact, tell her you love her,( if she’s the easy type, she will reply you with the same words), describe her beauty with great, mind captivating, mind blowing words, tell her what you think differentiate her from other girls, tell her reasons you have chose her over thousand of girls, tell her she’s the best girl you can ever get, explain to her the reasons you will like to spend the rest of your life with her, lay more emphasis on her beauty, tell her you love everything about her, tell her her smile gives you joy.
You can try to move around with her, perhaps a walk down the street. Oh, if it’s on a phone call, you should know there won’t be body contact but you can still tell her the points.

5. Party with her

This is not necessary, she may be the shy type, she might not like to, and if she does like it, or if you can convince her, go with her, enjoy the event, seat together, eat and drink together, get on the dance floor, make sure you dance together, and compete with her, win the dance competition and go home together.
WARNING: Never stare on any girl, or praise any girl at the event.

With this little point suggested above, you will win the heart of any girl on earth, and if you have been dating her, she’d love you the more.

Happy dating!!

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