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5 amazing ways in which Yoruba tribe is unique

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Yoruba is one of the three major tribes in Nigeria and it is known as on the most popular ethnic group that cut across states. It has become a language that at least every citizen should be able to speak or understand especially in West Africa. Yoruba people dwell in the south-western part of Nigeria and they believe that there culture is to domain, preserved and not replaced.

Giving their children traditional names: Yoruba tribe find it more fulfilling if their children are being given traditional names. It is known as a way of identifying with their culture. They are usually proud in whatever they do and they display their culture by speaking the language anywhere they find themselves.

They are talented sculpture: Yoruba tribe are very good at sculpture work, they are identified with dresses such as Ankara, Buba, Iro. They are creative when it comes to textile designs and brains arise mostly from their tribe.

They are known for their magnificent weddings and flamboyant spending: Yoruba are known for flamboyant spending during weddings and occasions such as naming ceremonies, birthday parties and so on. The bride price is unique.

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It is one of the biggest tribes: Yoruba has a high population in Nigeria. In Benin, some Yoruba people live and they spread to the North-East like Ebira, Esan, Nupe, and Edo.

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They believe in reincarnation and old age: Yoruba people care for the old aged ones infact they believe in people growing old which makes them pray for it. These old people in turn bless their children in prayer. They are highly respected. They also believe that reincarnation can occur in the family meaning that a dead person can come back in another form into the family.

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